Do not open that link! How to avoid phishing scams

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Many organizations are tweeting, posting and talking about how to protect personal information and devices. It is not just about protecting your desktop. Viruses and scams via mobile networks are on the riseWith kids having their own devices, they need know how to recognize online scams.

Some scams are obvious. Most adults know not to send money to the Nigerian Prince or their neighbors stuck in Europe. But sometimes, these scams are more subtle. Emails from a trusted source may contain harmful links. This month, I received this email from my cable service.

Dear Comcast Member,

The credit card we have on file for your Comcast Internet service was declined when we attempted to bill you on 10/09/2012 for your most recent service fees.

For this reason, your service could be suspended. Please visit our Account Information pages,

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