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What parents need to know about Kik

kik logoOccasionally I have a week where my friends are all asking about one particular website or app. I had a MyYearbook week followed by an Instagram week. This week it was Kik. “Have you heard of Kik? What is Kik? What do I need to know about Kik?”

Kik is a free mobile messenger app.

With this app, kids can text friends who are also using Kik. Kids love Kik because it is more than typing messages. They can add videos and pictures to their text. They can also send Kik cards. These cards let them include YouTube videos, GIFs, or their own drawings in their conversations.

Kik is a fun way to communicate with friends. The problem is some kids share their private Kik username on public social networks.Kids post their username on their Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr pages. Once someone knows their username, anyone can send them a message.

This app is especially popular among younger teens who have a limited texting plan or only an iPod Touch. By downloading this app, they have free messaging. Although a great deal financially, parents should know this app is aimed at older teens.

What do parents need to know about Kik?

  • kik cardsThe new version of Kik is rated +17 in iTunes. With the recent addition of Kik Cards, kids can now share YouTube videos, images, Reddit pics and GIFs, and create sketches.The ability to share any type of content raised its rating from 12+ to 17+.

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