Ask KidsPrivacy: adds Direct Messaging and Live Streaming 2Parents may approve an app for their teen then find out 6 months later it is filled with new features. After writing What Parents Need to Know about, added (direct messaging) and (live streaming). Recently, a parent sent a question to AskKidsPrivacy about direct messaging on

Q: What is Is it part of or a separate app?

A: When first launched, it did not allow teens to private message each other within the app. This has changed with the introduction of is built-in direct messaging for screen allows kids on to send each other direct messages. Anyone on can send a message by clicking on the arrow next to the “Follow” button on their profile.


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Unfortunately, not all users are “chatting with love.”  A quick search for on Twitter reveals messages like this.

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On, the default is any user can send anyone a message.This is true even if their account is private. If they want to limit who can send them a message to only approved followers, teens need to change their settings.

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Parents and kids should turn on “only friends can me.” They can change this setting even if their account is public.

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Watch out for! is a live streaming app from Like YouNow, teens can broadcast what they are doing in real-time. Currently, this app is available only for iOS but should be available soon for Android.

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