Tips for Protecting Personal Information Online

digital parent podcastWhen I started writing, KidsPrivacy focused on how to protect children’s personal information online. As technology has expanded so too has KidsPrivacy. Recently, I returned to my roots for the Digital Parent Podcast.

On the Digital Parent Podcast, Sedgrid Lewis and I chatted about protecting kids’ personal information online. I have followed Sedgrid for a while and was delighted to be part of his show. He is an internet safety expert with a criminology background. On his podcast, he interviews popular authors and experts about hot digital parenting topics, from porn proofing your kids to taking control of the internet.

On “How to Protect your Child’s Identity“, we discussed:

  • What are some ways for parents to child proof electronic devices?

  • How can teens protect their privacy  when using wi-fi in public places?

  • What should parents do to prevent companies tracking personal info?

Tune in to the podcast to hear the answers to these questions and tips for keeping kids safe online.

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