Parenting and Safety Tips For New Devices

bowsThis holiday season, many kids received their own device. The first device used to be an iPod Touch or a Nintendo DS in 3rd or 4th grade. With tablets becoming cheaper and easier to use, children are starting off with a brand new tablet.

If your family is like mine, you probably eased up on-screen time and checking in over the holidays. Now that they are back in school, families may want to rein that new device back in. This is a perfect time to start the digital talk. Kids are never too young to learn about digital safety.

Under my Safety Settings, I have a list of resources on how to make new phones, tablets and other devices kid friendly. As a bonus, changing these settings with your child sitting next to you is another chance to sneak in a digital safety lesson. Parents can explain why they are changing the settings and what kids should do if they run into trouble or have a question.

Below are my 5 top posts for making phones, tablets and other device kid friendly.

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