The Social Resume and the Do’s and Don’ts of Posting Online

This week, I was a guest author on the Stop Medicine Abuse Five Moms Blog. Below is an excerpt from the blog with a link to the full piece on the Five Moms Blog. 

The Social Resume and Do’s and Don’ts of Posting Online

AUGUST 13, 2015 —

Although I find it hard to believe, my eldest is half way through high school. This summer, along with kicking back, she also plans to take her driver’s test, volunteer at a day camp and begin researching colleges. While she prepares in the real world for her next steps, we are also looking at her online world.

We have had the digital talk at my house. I have spoken with my kids about how what they post online can be shared widely and become part of their permanent digital footprint. With 40% of admissions officers and 52% of employers searching applicants online, they need to be careful about what they share in the digital world. What they post today can impact tomorrow.

Right now, we have a different problem. If you search my teen’s name, nothing appears. She is active online. If you are her friend, you can follow her on her private Instagram account or you may receive an 8-second Snapchat picture. However, if you are a company, college or teacher looking to find out more about her, there is nothing.



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