Ash and Ollie help parents talk with kids about screen time

iTunesArtworkTablets and other devices, with simple to use touch screens, make it easy for younger kids to surf and play games online. Not surprising, for kids under 8, their time with screens have tripled. It is challenging to establish boundaries for using these devices. These devices are not only at home but can travel with us throughout our day. Unlike TV shows that are 30 or 60 minutes, playing a game or surfing online doesn’t have a definite ending. Kids can play for as long as they want.

Screens are a part of our kids lives. So, it is essential that kid learn about having a healthy media diet. A healthy diet consists of good choices as well as limits. For younger kids, parents may find the interactive story of Ash & Ollie is a great way to kick off a conversation about healthy online habits.

The Adventures of Ash & Ollie’s: Screen Time follows 2 brothers throughout their day. As their day progresses, the brothers share their love of technology as well as the rules for its use. For example, the brothers talk about how screens are not allowed at the dinner table or in the car except for long trips. Before they can go online, they must complete their school work and chores. The story is told in a matter of fact way from the kids’ perspective about how screens work in their family.


After reading the story, kids can play a game or create a photo album. In Rocket Racer, kids race Ash and Ollie through a minefield of clouds to collect stars. Kids choose how much time is allowed for the game. Once the timer goes off, the game is over. Kids can also take pictures and create a photo album about things they love to do. Both the game and photos are a nice compliment to the story.


The brothers are 5 and 7 and I would say 2-7 is the proper age group. My youngest (10) was a bit too old for Ash & Ollie. Younger kids will love the simple graphics and following the brothers adventures. This story is a great way to start the conversation about living a healthy digital life. Parents may want to incorporate some of these tips and limits introduced in Ash & Ollie in their own families.

Ash & Ollie’s Adventure: Screen Time is available in Google Play and iTunes for $2.99. It is part of the Fingerprint network of games developed in partnership with Yummico. I have reviewed a few other games by Fingerprint and find it is an excellent resource for parents looking for fun, educational games for kids.


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