Friday Rewind – Generation Like, It’s Complicated, Security Tips

rewindHappy Friday!

On Friday, I am answering your questions and sharing helpful blogs and resources. So, if you have a question about kids living life online or a specific app, go to ask KidsPrivacy and watch for your answer in my weekly Friday roundup.This week, I have a few recommendations and some security tips.

Generation Like

In 2001, Frontline produced the documentary The Merchants of Cool, about how companies collected and used teenage data to design irresistible marketing campaigns. Now in 2014, Frontline has updated this documentary with Generation Like. It is a fascinating look at how social media has changed the landscape of marketing. In Merchants of Cool companies were designing marketing campaigns based on what teens considered cool. In Generation Like, teens are the marketers with companies using them to promote their products through likes.

As I watched this documentary, sometimes it seemed like teens were in on it and sometimes if felt more insidious. Some teens appeared to have mastered marketing with the rise of the teenage YouTube star. But, seeing how the movie studio strategically promoted the Hunger Games, teens looked more like pawns in an orchestrated marketing campaign. The studio strategically pushed content to create the feel of a grassroots campaign with teens doing the work of promoting the movie with their likes, tweets, posts and videos.

Parents were not immune to the pursuit of likes. One mother initially encouraged her daughter to show case her musical talent by posting YouTube videos of her singing. What started as a way to promote her talent became a chase for more and more likes. In the end, the music was pushed a side and the mother was encouraging “pool” shots because they generated more attention.

By the end of this show you will never look at liking something the same again.


It’s Complicated


After watching Generation Like, click on danah boy’s interview “the kids are alright“. danah is a Microsoft researcher who has spent the last 10 years talking with teens about living life online. If you have ever thrown your hands up wondering why your teen is doing this online, chances are danah has the answer. If you like her interview she has a new book out “It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.”

Security Tips

This week, security companies and professionals gathered in San Francisco for the RSA Conference. During the conference, Stop Think Connect hosted a tweet chat to share security tips for individuals and families.  If you want to learn more on running a secure device and protecting information, check out these organizations.