Parents and Kids Gaming Together – Fingerprint releases more family games

gaming iconWhile looking up information about video games and kids, I notice most articles feature either a picture of a young kid glued to an iPad or a teen in a dark room staring at a screen. These images are not entirely accurate. According to a survey from the Entertainment Software Association, over half of parents polled play video games with their kids at least once a month and a third play once a week. In fact, 52% of parents say video games are a positive part of their child’s life.

I find the challenge is finding a game the entire family wants to play together. Last April, I spoke with Nancy MacIntyre, the CEO of Fingerprint about designing family games. Fingerprint’s philosophy is “to develop games that are fun for the whole family, but safe for kids.” Their game the Flying Alphabetinis is proof that it is possible to create fun, safe and social games for both parents and kids.

Now, Fingerprint in partnership with TigerFace Games has launched several more games for families. These new apps allow kids and parents to play as a team or go head-to-head using a single tablet. As an added bonus, these games are educational helping kids with math, science, reading and languages.

Cosmic Reactor and Quick Tap are available now and the other two games will be out by the end of September. Right now, these games are for the iPad only. Us, Android users, will have to wait a little longer. If you are looking for a family game, check out these 4 new games by Fingerprint.

Cosmic Reactor (Math)

In this head-to-head game, two players compete in seven out-of-this-world math mini-games to become the Cosmic Reactor Champion. Players can customize their levels of difficulty and choose to face off using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  (Ages 5-11; $2.99)

Quick Tap SpanishFrenchGermanPortuguese (Language)

Quick Tap is a high-speed, head-to-head race where players race to match a foreign word to their English counterpart. Kids square off and learn more than 100 words that range from numbers and colors, to food and animals. There are a total of four Quick Tap language titles. (Ages: 5-11; $1.99)

Sushi Scramble (Language) 

Up to four players work together to collect letters from circling sushi boats and build words to serve up to the hungry customers, while honing their phonics and spelling skills.  (Ages 7-11; $2.99; available end of September)

Equator Premium (Math)

In this multiplayer, collaborative math game, kids solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to balance the equator.  As the seasons progress, the math puzzles become more challenging. (Ages 5-11; Free – $2.99; available end of September)