Need help with your digital talk? Check out A Platform for Good’s Digital Citizenship Flashcards

digital citizenshipToday is the first day of school. When they come home, I will hear all about new iPads or a new website. With more technology in the classroom, many teachers are beginning the school year by talking about digital citizenship and including it in their classroom rules. Our technology use is expanding at home too. I have one child who started the year off with a new phone and another saving up for a laptop. Being a good digital citizen is not just for school; parents need to continue this conversation at home.    

To keep the conversation going, A Platform for Good has created Digital Citizenship Flashcards for parents. These 9 flashcards cover everything from safety and privacy to literacy and online responsibility. Each card contains the basics as well as a question.

digital citizenship footprint card

These open-ended questions are a great way to approach kids. When talking to kids about technology and digital citizenship, it is easy to get caught in a huge list of don’ts. By listing all the things you don’t want your child to do online, you can begin to question why they are even online. Asking a question allows them to share what they know and for you to touch on dos as well as the don’ts.  

If you are wondering what they should be doing online, A Platform for Good has a lot of great examples. Their site has stories on how kids and teens are using technology for good including middle school students fighting cyberbullying or high schoolers creating Twitter profiles to send compliments. Reading A Platform for Good is a great antidote to the “why do we have technology” blues.

While shuttling your kid to practice or a lesson, throw out one of these questions. All 9 cards are free to download. Remember, it is never too early to start the conversation. It is much easier to chat with a child eager to show off their knowledge vs. wading through the dramatic sighs of a teenager.

If you already covered the basics, here are a few more articles from A Platform for Good to expand your digital talk.

If a conversation seems overwhelming, check out Liven up your technology talk with apps and games that teach online safety.


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  1. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for the post. I am definitely going to forward this information to our parents as well. It is so helpful having the parents echo at home what the students are learning at school!

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