The Flying Alphabetinis – A Social Gaming App that is Safe and Fun for Everyone

This rainy spring break, we played lots of board games. There are so many great board games: Monopoly, Risk, Sorry, Scattergories… Regardless of age, everyone enjoys playing these games. I am always on the lookout for an online game we can all play together. In the digital world, it is tough to find a family game.


Most online games either appeal to really young kids or the over 13 crowd. The games that are safe for younger kids, my older children find boring. When I check out the older games and see the chat window and the questionable ads, I am just not comfortable letting my youngest on. Thankfully, I finally found a game that is safe and we all want to play – The Flying Alphabetinis.

alphabetinis friendsThe Flying Alphabetinis by Fingerprint is a social gaming app that everyone can play. My oldest best described it as Scramble with Friends for kids. I would describe it as digital Boggle. Family members and friends play against each other to see who can find the most words. Everything kids love about social games is still included. They can challenge each other and send messages in a safe (not boring) environment.

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to talk with Nancy MacIntyre the CEO of Fingerprint  about designing games for the entire family. She acknowledged, “it’s a constant challenge from a game design perspective – providing a good play experience, but keeping it safe.” Fingerprint meets this challenge by first making a fun game. Then, they develop their games with the overriding principle of no personal data collected, ever. They also have help from over 50 moms, 200 kids, 400 hours of play testing, and 1500 families in Canada playing the game plus many, many hours with legal experts on COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

alphabetinis 2With over 800K apps in the app store finding great games is a huge parenting challenging. Fingerprint is hoping to be the go-to destination for finding these games. As Nancy MacIntrye explained, “Fingerprint will generate regular app recommendations to parents based on their child’s game play, interests and learnings. Once you’re “in” Fingerprint’s child-safe network – we’ll help you discover the most fun apps with quality learning content.”

This is not the only game coming out from Fingerprint. In 2013, Fingerprint will launch 40 new apps. Every new app will take advantage of Fingerprint’s social game features in a completely kid-safe environment.

If you are looking for a family game check out the Flying Alphabetinis. Right now, it is only available in iTunes. The Flying Alphabetinis will be coming to Android in June 2013.