Happy Safer Internet Day 2013!

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Today is Safer Internet Day. This holiday began in England 10 years ago and is now celebrated around the world. On Safer Internet Day, organizations across the globe promote ways to create a healthy digital world. This year, the theme is “Connecting with Respect.”

If you just read the headlines you would think nothing good happens online. Teens are only meeting strangers, posting nude pictures or harassing one another. This is not the full picture. Many teens are creating and connecting in positive ways by building amazing appswriting popular blogs, and spreading kindness online. Safer Internet Day is about promoting and encouraging everyone to follow these positive examples.

In the US, A Platform for Good (PfG), a project of The Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), is asking everyone to take part in Safer Internet Day by making a pledge to use their online power for good. The internet is just a tool. Each one of us chooses how to use it.

So, the pledge consists of a simple but powerful statement: “I will use my power for good.”  A Platform for Good as a list of great ideas for ways we can  make the internet a fun, safe and healthy place to live. Parents and kids can choose to send a compliment online to a friend or become a virtual volunteer.

Ready to take the pledge? Click here to sign up and learn more about ways to connect with respect


And, watch this video with your teen and talk about how its important to be friend online and offline from Cybersmart in Australia


To learn more about what is happening around the world, check out inSafe UK.

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