Will you or your kid’s picture appear in Facebook’s Graph Search?

intro graph searchLast week, Facebook introduced a feature called Graph Search. With Graph Search, people can look up anything shared with them or shared with everyone on Facebook. These searches can include photos, people, likes and places. Facebook is slowly rolling out Graph Search and is encouraging everyone to check their privacy settings. For parents, this is especially important. They may discover, like I did, a photo search reveals more pictures of their kids than them.

On Facebook, a lot of kids’ pictures are tagged with their parent’s name. Going through my own pictures, I discovered half the photos tagged with my name were not me but one of my kids. I see this a lot especially for photos of younger kids who are not on Facebook. Friends, relatives, and coaches tag a photo with my name so I know the picture was posted. 

But with Graph Search tagging is no longer just notifying someone, it is creating a search term. I like being able to see the photos but I do not want their picture appearing in my graph search results. When a search brings up my name, I don’t want someone seeing a picture of my kid instead of me. Now, Graph Search does not make private photos public.Only people, who could see the photos before search, can see them in search results. It just makes them a lot easier to find.

tag fbThe person who posted it determines who can see it. Parents can remove the tag which may make the photo less likely to appear in a search. However, the photo is still on Facebook and could come up especially if other people are tagged in it. If a parent absolutely does not want a photo ever appearing in search, they will have to ask the friend who posted it to remove it. 

activity logWhile Graph Search is still rolling out, takes some time to check your photos and privacy settings. The best way is to go in to your Activity Log and review the “Posts You’re Tagged In” and “Pictures of You”. Here, parents can remove tags or ask a friend to remove the photo. Going forward, when sharing a photo of a kid, remember to ask first and respect a parent or a kid’s wish to keep a photo private.

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