Dreading the “talk” about technology? Here are some ways to start the conversation

PFG pic Watching kids move effortlessly around the web, it may appear they don’t need the talk. In fact, parents may feel their kid could give them the talk. But, a child’s ease with a computer doesn’t mean they understand how their information is collected, shared and used.

Even though parents may feel out of their depth, they need to have the talk. With most kids having an online presence by the age of 2, they should start sooner vs. later. By starting young, they establish a strong foundation for those teenage years. Plus, it is much easier to talk to a 4-year-old wanting to use your phone vs. a 13-year-old wanting to go on Facebook.

To help parents begin this conversation KidsPrivacy and a Platform for Good have published a series scripts parents can use to guide their own mini-talks.  The talks begin at preschool and continue through high school. Check out the scripts at Four Conversations You Can Have With Kids About Technology” at a Platform for Good.

pfg-logoA Platform for Good is a project of the Family Online Safety Institute designed to help parents, teachers and teens to connect, share and do good.