Not just Don’ts: What Kids Should Post Online

Recently, I gave a talk on “Kids and their Digital Me.” A lot of my presentation focused on what kids should not post online. Besides all the Don’ts, kids should also remember the Dos.

Kids should share all the great events and activities they are proud to participate in. If they love to ride horses or draw pictures, post it. With more and more colleges and employers looking at social media a positive online image is essential.

By posting photos, videos or comments around stuff they care about, kids can create a digital me that complements their future resume or application. Some examples of what to focus on are pictures, videos or comments about…

  • Working on a community service project
  • Volunteering in your community
  • Announcing an award you received
  • Creating works or sharing performances that highlight your love of dancing, singing, acting, writing, etc.
  • Acting as a leader in school or in the community
  • Playing in sports and games
  • Participating in clubs or activities

Kids can still share stuff with just friends. They need to make sure their privacy settings allow them to share the right information with the right people. But even private online information has the potential to be copied and shared, therefore never share photos, videos or comments talking about or containing:

  • Drinking alcohol or with people who are obviously drunk
  • Rude gestures or excessive swearing including abbreviations (WTF is still swearing)
  • Anything sexually suggestive
  • Anything illegal

The internet is a wonderful tool and if kids use it thoughtfully, their digital me can reflect how amazing they are offline as well as online.