Questions about Facebook Timeline

After posting Playing with Facebook Timeline, I received a lot of questions about settings. Here are the answers to the most common questions.

How do I remove locations from the map?

The map app cannot be deleted but individual posts with location can be removed.  Removing individual location data from the map is the same as removing an individual post.  Find the post containing the location in the Activity Log and delete it by clicking the globe and choose “delete post.”

If you want to keep the post but  limit who can see it,  highlight the location on the map, click on the sharing icon and choose a different setting such as “friends” or “only me”.

Are Timeline’s privacy settings different for Kids under 18?

Timeline does not change previous privacy settings. For kids under 18, Facebook’s default setting for “Everyone” is only “Friends of Friends”.  The profile picture and cover photo can only be seen by “Friends of Friends.” Once a child turns 18, the “Everyone” setting automatically changes to the adult default of “Everyone” meaning everyone.

Facebook’s Terms of Service do not allow kids under 13 to have a Facebook profile.  This is not a recommendation but a legal requirement.  For more information about age restrictions, check out my previous post, Why is 13 the magic age?

Are the privacy settings different if my kids are using Facebook Timeline on a mobile phone?

For kids under 18, the same settings apply to (Facebook’s mobile site). The public setting is only visible to their “Friends of Friends.” The only exceptions are for “Search for me on Facebook” and “Send me friend requests.” If a kid selects “Public” for these settings, Facebook considers those available to everyone not just “Friends of Friends.”

Who can see the Friends section of my timeline?

By default, everyone can see who your friends are on Timeline. To change this setting, click on Friends and select See All.  At the top of the friends list, click on the edit button and use the audience selector to choose who can see the friends list.

 How can I stop people from posting on my Timeline?

To stop people from posting to your timeline:

  1. Go the Account menu at the top right corner of Facebook and choose Privacy Settings.
  2. Next to the How You Connect heading, click Change Settings.
  3. From the dropdown menu next to “Who can post on your wall?” choose Only Me.

Where can I see more creative timeline cover photos?

Here are a few more creative timeline cover photos.