About Kids Privacy

Most kids have never met their digital me. They join networks and adopt gadgets with ease not realizing that all their interactions are generating data. Online, shared photos, videos and comments may also be seen by colleges, employers, parents, teachers, coaches and advertisers. Their digital me contains all this information, the good and the bad, and it exists forever.

Although kids adopt new technology with ease, they still need parents to point them in the right direction. Keeping up with all the ways kids interact online and all the different settings and controls available is a challenge.  At KidsPrivacy, parents can find information and resources about how to teach kids to share smart and build a positive Digital Me.

 Anne Livingston KidsPrivacyIn 2011, Anne Livingston launched KidsPrivacy. She created this blog to share information and resources with others parents on raising kids in a digital world. Her articles have been featured on many parenting and security software company websites. In 2012, she founded the company, MyDigitalMe LLC and speaks to parenting organizations about online privacy as well as offers parenting tutorials on social networking.

Anne has a JD from Boston College and a BS from the University of Washington. Before kids, she worked in the environmental field. Now, she finds her inspiration by watching her three kids raise digital pets, masquerade as penguins, or film YouTube videos.

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